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OK sandshark, I'm going to go easy on you because I am assuming that you are very young (pre-teen/teen??). What's happening over there is just some good-natured ribbing between adults. It does appear that a few are taking things a bit seriously and having "hissy-fits", but sometimes that's the case. Now just because I ribbed your pal 'ol Doctorfish doesn't mean that I hate him or any of that foolishness, I actually think he is ok and has some interesting things to share and quite a bit of free time on his hands. This also doesn't mean that I agree w/ everything he says. As far as him "coming to my rescue" as you said in the other thread, it's fine...but I never asked for it and I think you are getting a bit carried away. The whole concept of "rescuing" someone on this website is surely a silly one. Although I appreciate support I will go on voicing my opinions whether I get it or not to people who agree with me or don't. In time you will understand. Now settle down and enjoy good fishing and good fun...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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