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Absolutely and 100% yes!
You do not need anything fancy to get out and enjoy fishing.
Granted the kayaks built specifically( spell check please on that word :rolleyes:) for fishing are better suited and equiped for it but I'm a big believer in making do with what you have.
This is not to say you should go kayak fishing from one built for whitewater or an 18' sea kayak thats built to go fast and straight.You need something thats fairly stable and will not tip over to easily.
But if you can get your hands on a recreational type kayak you can have alot of fun.

I think alot of folks get intimidated with these Hobies and sit on kayaks they see all decked out with rod holders and fishfinders as well as anchoring systems etc.Beautifull boats but it gets expensive.
Start out simple.Crawl before you run...
paddle before you peddle :)
You may just find out that the kayaking part is just as fun & relaxing as the fishing part.

Safety is your #1 priority.
Priority # 2 again :)

The learning curve with this sport is fast so don't go buying the first thing you come across just 'cause ya got the itch.Growing out of a starter kayak is common.Try before you buy!!!!
That is a must!
Nothing worse than laying out hard earned cash only to find out your body and the new kayak are a complete mismatch.
This is sometimes not possible but if you can I would truly suggest doing so.
I'd venture to say that just about everyone who kayaks would be more than willing to let you try out tyeir boat.
One of the nice things about this sport and kayaking in general is the people

They always are willing to help out.

Read up on these boards and educate yourself as much as possible.

Go to a meeting ( Kayak Fishing Assoc. of New York ) and head to a demo day or two.
Ask questions

So the simple answer is yes you can :)

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I got a used malibu 2 fully rigged with two seats, two paddles
2 recessed pole holders
1 net
1 anchor
drift sock
catch bag

under $500 2 years ago.

I just tie it to my roof rack. You could get straps for $10.

If your going to go spring and fall your next most expensive purchase will be a suit.

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To each his own, but I highly recommend the Hobies. Being able to pedal as opposed to paddle to me is a huge advantage when it comes to fishing.

But they are expensive and plenty of people who dont have Hobies are happy with paddle kayaks.

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Try before you buy. There are lots of boats out there and you need to fine one that's a good "fit" for you. Besides the pedal system Hobie makes a fine paddle fishing kayak called the Quest (pictured below). You can surely get a good deal on a used one.

Captain Kayak's Demo Day:
Dockers Waterside Marina, 94 Dune Rd. E. Quogue, NY
Test out the full line of Hobie Mirage & Paddle Fishing Kayaks. Saturday April 12th 2008 from Noon to 4 pm. Inclement weather day Sunday 4/13/08. We have a few used and 2007 leftover kayaks in stock. Register at


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Fishbust wrote:
You can bet fish will be landed with my new yak this season!

It is not finished yet but will be soon.

Here is the link to the building blog if anyone is curious to how they are custom built at home...

Fishbust, thats really cool!!!
I'm looking forward to seeing a picture of the finished kayak along with a picture of a fish you caught from it.
Thanks for sharing!!!
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