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Do they make 8' 2 piece cod rods ?

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I have only been cod fishing for a few years now and I'm totaly hooked. I have a couple of 6'6" ugly sticks that work pretty well for me but I see everyone useing 8 ft rods. I think it would be better for slinging jigs and for fighting fish. The trouble is it won't fit into my blazer or the car on the 4+ hr trips. Would a two piece be strong enough on some of those 400 ft pollock doubles or the 50+ dream cow cod we all hope to catch. Any info would be great. Thanks alot and tight lines.
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That is my 1st priority in buying a new car is to make sure the rods fit! I've seen a few 2 piece cod rods and it seems that when you try to make the power cast you have a short 1 piece rod. The best fix for this is to buy some 3" PVC pipe from the depot and cap 1 end and get a screw cap for the other end and fasten it to the roof. I've also seen some pretty unique ways to get an 8' rod into a Ford Fiesta ;)

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