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Do it yourself sinkers

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Hello everyone/anyone,

I am interested in making my own sinkers (2 - 10 oz)- cannonball and bank. I can find melting pots and molds. It's the material I can not find. Any suggestions of what to use and where to get it?

I would also be interested in discussing everything on this topic
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I haven't bought lead in a long time, but scrap metal processors use to sell clean lead, lead that has been melted poured into large molds, called pig lead. Not so sure you can use this type of lead, you need a large pot capable of holding 50 lbs of lead or so. You can go to scrap yards and get dirty lead in smaller quantites. You have to be very careful handling the lead, a drop of water is like a bullet, and the smell and odors associated with lead is dangerous. Using the lee production pot is the easiest to use, but very time consuming, only holds 10 lbs, and is very slow melting lead. I use to melt large quantites in a cast iron pot, ladling 10 lbs into pot. Its easier to make different sizez at the same time sort of production line.
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