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Hello Noreast friends,

As I mention in my previous post when I showed you my homemade Darter project, I began to work to prepare the "How To Do" videos series to explain and show the steps I followed to made the Attila Veneno balsa lure.
I tried to count the time that took me each step, but it was not easy and possible, because I only go down to my shop whenever I have some spare time. Even though I seriously tried, still I can't say how much time do I need to make each wooden plug. On the other side, what I can tell you is that I have lot of fun doing this hobby, and I would love to have more skills with wood working and some power tools to be able to do more lures.

Well going to the point, initially I though to have two parts, but there will be three parts, which will include main building steps until I obtain the raw version of the Attila Veneno Prototype. "Part 4", will be focused to show the finishing steps, which includes some complementary materials for the wooden lure.
After watching this series, you will figure out that each wooden plug I made is one of a kind. I make them manually, they could see similar, but they are not identical. Given the previous, I put a unique number to all the wooden Attilas I made.

Let me tell you what were the materials and tools I used:
Materials until I got the Prototype: Balsa wood (4mm thick), Stainless steel wire (dia 1mm), Stainless steel ball bearings, Lead, Crazy glue, Wood cement, Baking soda, and Epoxy resin.
Tools: Steel ruler, Sharped cutter, Vernier or Caliper, Pliers, Square ruler, Saws, Drill, Sand paper, sanding jigs, Wood rasper

Before to say goodbye, please let me know your thoughts, whether you liked the video or not. In addition, in case you have any recommendation to improve the Attila Veneno let me know, I will be very grateful.

Here is the link to "How to Do the Attila Veneno Part 1", I hope you like it.
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