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Discovery Channel, Blue Planet-Seas of Life

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The last 2 nights I watched this show, actually glued to the tube.

As a salt water fisherman, I learned a great deal.
What an amazing planet we live on.

There is an encore performance this Friday at 7PM. Give it a try!!!!

Capt Neil

Have Fun Fishing. Capt Neil
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Watched both episodes last night, missed tonight's (just back from work). The Blue Whale video was amazing, but I couldn't beleive the orcas that killed the Grey Whale calf just to eat its lower jaw and tounge.

Overall, it was a great weekend on Discovery and Learning Channel. Besides Blue Planet, there were shows on fish of the deep, sharks and ocean currents (how global warming contributes to the ice ages).
Loved the footage of a blitz on the bait ball with yellowfin tuna blasting from below and the shearwaters diving/swimming, also the striped marlin feeding. Clarity was incredible, did you see the ripples in the dorsal of the cruising sailfish? Taped it and will watch it again!
Watched it last night, very informative and awesome photography.

****!.........I forgot all about it and missed it!

Southwest winds always.....Seaox

There is an encore presentation this Friday at 7 PM.

Capt Neil

Have Fun Fishing. Capt Neil
Custom Fishing Rods by Captain Neil
The scenes of the blitzes were unbelievable as was seeing that sail turn color.

I agree, it makes you wonder what those orcas were up to. Was it sport or did the photographers or something else chase or induce them away?

Also, how about the penguins getting enough courage to race pase that seal?

All in all, I can't believe the clarity of the photography.
Unbelievable!! It's amazing what great video quality is available for $14 mill.

Capt. Jerry
Hi Capt Jerry,

Are you trying to imply that the budget for your video is up there???? I won't be able to afford the new video!!!

Seriously, I enjoyed the show and learned much. They say they have new episodes that will be shown in May. I can't wait.

Take care.

Capt Neil

Have Fun Fishing. Capt Neil
Custom Fishing Rods by Captain Neil
The cinematography was fabulous. I splurged and bought the DVD package.
It is on again, right now. All four episodes back to back.
Capt. Neil,

You will be able to afford my video because the budget is a tad less than the average Spielberg film (slightly...hee!hee!) The main expenditures have been spent in the many, many hours of exercising our cranial cells (the little that are left, I might add) during production and in the time we have spent in preventing mental illness while undertaking such a project.

I, like you, can not wait for the new spring time version of the Blue Planet. The first four episodes were magnificent.

Capt. Jerry
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