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I am very sorry i have to even respond to this comment but i have decided to state the facts! First thing is....we have a limited Lifetime warranty not a blanket warranty policy. we cover
our rods for material and workmanship which means in the event you get a rod that breaks pre maturely do to over sanding air pocket lose tack or one of a few other instances that can get past us in inspection we will cover the rod 100% furthermore our warranty policy is the same as any of the other reputable fishing rod manafactures wich include Cal star loomis St croix lamiglass ect!!!!!! our warranty policy is a very reasonable $75 which doesnt even cover the cost of the titanium guides that are on your hercules rod plus we have offered to take care of the return shipping charges. Now lets get to the facts about your specific hercules 70L rod........upon initial inspection it is my opinion that you have had this rod no less than 2 years and have used it successfully for at least that period of time, if a rod has a warrantable defect it will always fail the first or second time you use it........a blank is either bad or good it is not a grey area where its kinda bad or kinda good. now in further inspection of your specific rod the blank did not de-laminate as the graphite pattern on that blank goes 3 inches farther up the rod than the point in which you broke this rod. also the most noticable thing about the break in your rod is the fact that the stress fracture is on the bottom side of the rod not the top. Blanks do not stretch on the bottom they compress which means that this rod was over-stressed with the guides pointed summary is this! i personally believe this rod was held near the tip to lift the 6lb fish and 8 oz sinker out of the water with the reel and guides pointed down and that this rod was completely over-stressed beyond its physical capabilities..........and this being said i'm am very disappointed in your responses on this site and others regarding the warranty of a rod that you are very aware was operator error. Signed Randy Penny Seeker fishing rods production manager


1 - 1 of 49 Posts
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