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Bad Service

Its just bad service --- I agree with you --- a company as large as Seeker --- selling high end factory rods --- its bad business --- and I'm glad you have posted. I believe its a question of luck (in your case bad luck) the rod goes to Seeker / the guy or woman who looks at it --- the night before their significant other had headache which resulted in a case of built up tension. They come to work the next day / in comes your rod / the seeker employee looks up on the wall and sees the memo that was sent down from the Seeker front office bean counter which states: " please reject at least one in 10 warranty requests" / he looks back down at your rod / he thinks about the night before / he looks back up on the wall to the memo / then he makes the subjective decision: Dear Sir, you have used the rod in a manner which has voided the warranty, have a nice day / Sincerely Yours Seeker Rods USA!
1 - 1 of 49 Posts
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