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Desperate in the Western Sound

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I am going through a dry spell. I have been chunking, live linning, trolling, and jigging, all from Matini**** to Execution light house for Blues and Stripers for the last few weeks with no luck. A few 5 lbs blues. I am hearing about some success on the radio. Anybody in this area having luck. Thanks
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Take a ride across

Shoot over to greenwich or stamford the action has been pretty consistent I can't even tell you how many NY boats came over to Stamford harbor on Suday. Believe me I have put in my time on the LI side I'm glad the fish made their way over. If you don't feel like taking the boat that far hit 32a throw out some chunks on sliders that should yield some action. Good luck. I would just check your radio before you made the trek to CT so you can go right to the action.
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