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Democratic Point

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I've never been to Robert Moses State park, doing nearly 1/2 my fishing from the main pier at Captree. I keep reading fishing reports about Demo Point which I'm assuming is Democratic point at the Western end of Robert Moses State park.

I've checked Hagstroms Suffolk maps, and the parkway seems to end way before Demo Point.

Just how does one get there? If it's by foot, approx how long of a walk is it?
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Demo Bound

RM to end make right after tower. As parkway loops East there is a 4x4 road. (You need NYS 4x4 permit, If you do not have one you cannot get one until after Jan 1). Otherwise loop East on parkway and park at first parking lot on right. It's at least a 1/2 mile to mile walk to the Demo Jetty. The fishing can be great at any of the RM beaches in the fall. Last year NYS extended how long they were taking parking fees after labor day. At night you need a night fishing permit. I believe these permits can still be purchased. There is a place to buy the fishing permits down at RM. Again make right after tower at RM. The first right going west has an office where you can buy the permit. I think the fishing permit is $ 25.00.

Hope that helps.
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