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Democratic Point

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I've never been to Robert Moses State park, doing nearly 1/2 my fishing from the main pier at Captree. I keep reading fishing reports about Demo Point which I'm assuming is Democratic point at the Western end of Robert Moses State park.

I've checked Hagstroms Suffolk maps, and the parkway seems to end way before Demo Point.

Just how does one get there? If it's by foot, approx how long of a walk is it?
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Democrat Point is just as good on the bay side as the open ocean, maybe better.

Park in RM2, walk in the 4x4 entrance, on your right you will see some rocks. This is known as the "sidewalk jetty". It is as good a spot as any other you will find further in. After the rip-rap ends, there is a crescent shaped beach that is a great spot for soaking bunker.

While it's great to drive on the sand, and Demo has social aspects to the scene, the truth is I have caught more fish at WE2 than Demo, if you are talking about oceanfront.

Both the 4x4 and the night fishing permit will be available again after Monday (Labor Day). Belmont Lake State Park, the Police Station at Robert Moses, or the Permit office on the Boardwalk at Jones Beach (near the restaurant). $39 for 4x4, $25 for "night fishing". (4x4 covers both)

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