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Delware river..I need help

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I will be in barryville,NY camping this weekend on the Deleware river (northeast PA portion of the river). I never freshwater fish but what should I go for and what are some good versatile lures or baits good for this river?
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I have never fished the deleware but I do freshwater fish. Can you tell me what kinds of fish are in the lake. I can probably help you out.
Largemouth and small mouth you can use worms and crayfish. If there is a place to buy shiner/minnows those will be great. If not, chances are there are sunnies and perch in the river. A size 12 hook(its really small) and a tiny piece of worm should get you some small sunnies. Anything 4 in or less is perfect but bigger can still work. I am not really a lure guy some maybe somebody more into lure fishing can help you out. Hope this helps. I would hook the shiners through the back(not too low or you will hit the spine) and send them out there under a float. Same thing with live sunnies and perch. Send them out with no float or wait if nothing happens on the top. Good luck. let me know how you do. Also, if there is a local bait shop or even if you see a park ranger or someone else fishing they should be able to help you out a little bit on what baits, lures, parts of the river have been hot lately.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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