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Delware river..I need help

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I will be in barryville,NY camping this weekend on the Deleware river (northeast PA portion of the river). I never freshwater fish but what should I go for and what are some good versatile lures or baits good for this river?
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See a post I did about a week ago entitled Delaware River Smallies.

Barry is about 7 miles further South than I go. Assuming conditions are similar, for a beginer it's tough to be the simplicy of whacky rigged Senko. Smoke Hologram with sparkly flakes or almost any color with sparkles. Use swivel to avoid line twist. Main thing, use ultra light tackle if you have it. 4lb test. I use 6lb Suffix braid. No weight. Just stick a hook through the middle of the worm, pitch it in, twitch it every few seconds, repeat.

I find that with lures, spinners and such I snag up too much. Only one I continue to use is blade baits like Sonics. Metal gets them down where you want. Even then, I clip the bottom hooks off the treble so if they kiss the bottom there's less chance of hang up.

Helgramites also can't fail for smallies if you go bait. I was going to use the other week, but they were a buck a piece at the shop in town. If you can find one under a rock, put a hook thru the back of it's neck and you're almost guaranteed a fish. Just, obviously, watch the pinchers.
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