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Deep Diving Striper Lures

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Was reading an article in the Fisherman last week about deep diving lures for Stripers. These lures would replace the need for trolling wire line to get parachutes and/or other lures down 20-30 feet. I wanted to know if anyone has used these for trolling and which ones are most effective? Fish the Western and North Shore Sound. Great board!


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Ricko and divers

Hey Rick0 for a magazine to say the divers will replace the old ways of trolling is a very poor decision on there part. The divers have been around for a few years here in the bight and I don?t see them replacing the old trolling practices of this area! The Stretch 25's are great. We use them and have had good success with them but for me to stop using my other options would be a foolish move on my part. Problem is that they as well as Chutes and umbrellas have there days. To say the diver is the only way to go will limit your game plan greatly. My suggestion is never give up on the proven methods. Yes use the new ones along side but always be prepared and have them all you never know what the fish want all the time so Varity is the spice of life. Understand what I?m telling you?
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Yes Gebby B.attidude is 100% correct

Geb mono is the way to go with the divers.This is a good thing if you don't won't to hassle with the wire. but by no means make this your only choice you never know what the fish are into that day!
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