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Dee Snyders' Biker for Babies ride

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Fish or ride? so I tossed a coin and went for the ride.
Anyone else ride for the babes?
Dee's Ride
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Must have been an impressive sight to see all those bikes passing by.
LobsterD wrote:
4,000 bikes, riding 2 bikes wide, spread out 50-100ft,avg75'apart, let's see that would make a line around (75x2000=150,000 feet of road= a 28 mile long line?? give or take.
Is my math right??

Sounds right to me. But on those big rides they tend to break up into smaller groups of 10-20 bikes as much as 1/4 mile apart. Still must have been quite a sight.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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