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Dee Snyders' Biker for Babies ride

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Fish or ride? so I tossed a coin and went for the ride.
Anyone else ride for the babes?
Dee's Ride
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I did that ride twice so far in last 4 years.
Wanted to do it yesterday but could not make it.

SOunds like it was better than last year...all parkway ride. no lights and intersections.

I was going down the Meadowbrook when they were going up...from Eisenhower park all the way south to southern state, saw Dee at the head of the line, and the crew behind him.

I was at once very impressed by the sight and sad and angry that I was not part of it this year. Nothing like that rumble, and being a part of a ride like that.

Plenty more chances coming up this season....Let's get one going guys!!!
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LobsterD wrote:
I spent 30 bucks to sign up for the ride, so did 4,000+- bikers.All of that is or should be charitable monies. Plus I bought a $20 t-shirt, no clue what % of that sale actually goes to charity, I sure a bunch.
Lighthouse HD sponsers and donates along with others who donate time and effort. You would have to be on the inside to know the totals.

That is also not including the sponsorships for the miles. I was talking with one of the guys I rode with last year, who's boss sponsored him for $10 per mile! Plus he had a bunch of others that sponsored him for anything like 0.25 up to $10.00 per mile. He made over 5 grand last year for the ride.
He got some kind of special prizes for it, a jacket, his picture with Dee.

One of the things about March of Dimes (Charity behind the ride) is that most of the donations get to the cause. That (and having 2 pre-mature born children) is why Dee is the Chairperson for this ride.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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