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decorative butt wraps

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Capt Neil, anyone?.

Need some advise, I would like to start doing some decorative butt wraps. Probably not something yet as advanced as you pros do, just something that has some eye candy value. Question, where do I start looking, books, videos etc. If you could recommend something for a novice to start with I would be grateful.

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Finally getting back to your question. This is my 3rd attempt.

Raekwon mentioned a good book. Clemens has 3 books. There are some videos.

Go to
Today I received their 2003 catalog. They have a section of books and videos. I have dealt with them in the past and do a good job.

1-800-638-2723 to get a catalog. Lottsa good stuff!!

You can go to
to order Rod-Building Guide. It is good also.

Have you gone to
A great site by the publisher of RodMaker Magazine, a great mag.

Need any help, just call.
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