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Hello Ben! Welcome!

To answer your question, their have been less then a handful of machinist around making spools for newell reels, with the most notable one within the last 5 years being TIBURON, which custom made aluminum spools for the 454 and its 500 series replacement. Guy Ikeda in Hawaii was one fellow i knew who dabbled in making spools, but i have not heard from him in awhile. I have seen two other aftermarket spools for newells, one of course belonging to the Rod Professor, and one which i saw in a reel at a tackle swap meet. They are very rare indeed!

At this time, Newell itself is remaking 220, 229, 235, 332, 338, 440, 447, aluminum spools for their re-released P reels. However the first run of spools will strictly be for these reels....Hopefully newell will make a much larger run and have enough stock left over for Norma in Parts to sell some directly to the public. If you need 322 aluminum spools, Jerry Reel Man in California has them in stock. Contact me for the email address.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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