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Two thoughts come to mind...first, I think I'd take a look at what Sears has to offer by way of those fiberglass tool boxes for contractors' pickup trucks...not positive about the dimensions but from what I recall offhand, there may be a couple that would might need to consider drilling a few drain holes in the bottom & you'd likely want to add some additional trays but Walmart stocks some plastic ones that should do fine...

second, I've seen some plastic tupperware-type boxes in kitchen supply stores that might work...dunno about 32" wide but I've seen some that look close to that...also, department stores sell these plastic boxes for clothing storage & you may be able to find the size you want, then use stack trays for your lures & other're right, the 1/2" polymer + hardware can add up real quick...what about building something out of marine plywood w/ ss hardware? (That would also get up there $$$ pretty quickly, I guess)...let us know what you end up doing...sounds like a problem others may have bumped into...

Jerry Vovcsko,
East Bridgewater, Ma
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