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I dont know to much about custom rods.
How do you go about getting a custom rod built?
Do they have Blanks you pick out or do you tell
them what you want done?
I have a 10 ft St.croix & Team Diawa 8ft surf stick but thinking about purchasing a custom rod
built just for me! Something in the 9ft range 2pc
I would like it kind of wippy at the top like a
uglystick but not stiff like the St. croix or
Team Diawa.They are good rods but it would be nice
if they where abit more flexible at the top.
I use a penn 6500 & 5500. Also have a 704 thinking
maybe using that this year instead of the 6500.
I use Fireline 30lbs and only use lures.
Lures I use range from 1/2oz-2oz but would like the rod to handle 3oz just in case I wanted to throw something heavier.
Also I would like the rod to be feather lite!!!
any info would be appreciated,Tnx.

IBEW local 1049

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A custom built rod should be a special happening. There are many questions that have to be answered by the angler. Such as, type and size of fish, spin or conventional, fiberglass, graphite or composite blanks, weight and type of terminal tackle to be used, ocean, surf, bay, inshore, docks, bridges or jetties, shallow or deep water, mud, sandy, rocky bottoms or wrecks, mono or synthetic line, length of the finished rod and 1 or 2 piece rods.
. These and other questions should be discussed by you and the rod builder. You and the builder should be partners in the design of your new treasure.

There are many fine custom rod builders on Long Island. You have to find them. Start with your local tackle shops. Ask friends who are happy with their custom rods who crafted it for them. Look in the Noreast mag ads. Check the booths at the local shows this winter. There are many 1 person shops all around the island such as myself.

Most shops have blanks available to see and check. Other special blanks can be ordered. Make sure you see the workmanship of the builder. The builder is there to assist you and provide all the info needed.

Remember, 1 rod will not be able to cover all the bases in most cases. Be prepared to spend good money for this special fishing tool. Time and wexperience does not come cheap. If you get a very inexpensive quote, be leary.

You would like a 9' 2 piece, whippy tip, synthetic line, 1/2 to 2+ oz lures and feather light. Well, a first idea would be a Lamiglas MB108 3M-2. This is a fiberglass 9' 2 piece 1-3 oz lure weight and a very flexible tip. Graphite would be much stiffer.

Hopefully this will give you something to think about.

If I can be of further help please call me. (631) 567-8049.

Capt Neil

Custom Fishing Rods by Captain Neil
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