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Hi Capt Neil
Im looking to buy a custom made rod for tog. I have about $200 to spend. I am currently using a 6'6" med action ugly stik. Waht do u suggest

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Will you be using mono or synthetic line, water depth, size of tog targeted, wrecks or rocky bottom, weight of sinkers and do you fish on private boat or partyboat?

Every fisherman likes a different feel to his rod. Some like flexible tips and others like stiff.

There are excellent blanks to choose from.

Lamiglas CGBT 841 M for deep water, big fish, heavy weights, synthetic line and mono and a very sensitive tip for a big rod. Composite rod.
Seeker CSW 658 for shallower water (17 fathoms etc.), flexible tip, up to 10 oz lead, sensitive tip, makes a great reef rod. Composite rod.

Lamiglas BT 857 S, for the person who likes fiberglass. Heavy duty, deeper water, very rugged.

Calstar Grafighters, 700L and 700M. Less flexible tips but sensitive, rugged and strong. Composite rod.

All the above make excellent fishing instruments. They are the best!! The composite blanks are designed for synthetic line.

You will notice the lack of graphite blanks. Not because they are not great blanks and sensitive BUT because many fishermen break them due to abuse when using synthetic line. They can also be broken by wreck fishermen using mono.

Use Fuji reel seat, guides and tip top. Fuji hardloy guides with a SIC (silicon carbide) tip top.

I have demo rods made using the above blanks. I will have a booth at the NY Sportfishing Federation Show. Stop by and you will be able to check them out so you can get a feel for what fits your needs.

Capt Neil

Have Fun Fishing. Capt Neil
Custom Fishing Rods by Captain Neil
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