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currency exchange

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what is the most cost-effective way to convert U.S. currency into Euros?

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AFor small amounts the exchange window at you country of destination, will give you the best rate. For large amounts talk to the forex desk at one of the big NY commercial banks. American Express usually gives you a pretty good rate on credit card purchases.
SORTIE wrote:
pocket money for a week in France...hopefully < USD500

plan to use cards whenever possible, but I understand some banks charge forex processing fees on top of an inflated exchange rate when you use their cards

For that kind of money you're better off going to the Forex booth at Orly or Charles DeGaulle. Check with you banks if they add on other charges. Amex does not and gives you a decent exchange rate.
SORTIE wrote:
I can't believe that you'd get any kind of 'deal' at the airport

isn't there a bank in Manhattan that would do this at a better rate?

Don't believe me? The best rate for selling U.S. dollars in small amounts is usually at the destination airport or banks. The hotels will rip you off. Most of the forex stations in the airports are owned by local banks and will give you a decent rate, but don't expect the rate you see in the Wall Street Journal. You want to sell a couple of $million, then you might get the WSJ rates.

Local NY banks will probably give you a less favorable rates and charge you fees on top of it. When I get back from a trip I usually have less than $100 in local currency and I just hold onto it for next time, changing it back into $ in NY isn't worth the price they charge.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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