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Cruiser Inc. Sea Devil

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Looking for some advice from the pros. Thinking of buying this boat. A friend of mine is selling his 1985
25 ft Cuiser Inc. Sea Devil. I fished with him two years ago and I really liked the layout especially its huge wide open ****pit. It is powered by a 96 Johnson Ocean Pro which its lower unit has just been rebuilt. Motor was put on a Dyno it it checked out great. It also comes with trailer in decent shape and some electronics (GPS, fishfinder) He is asking $12,000 but will sell it to me for $10,500. Can anyone anyone give me their opinion as to the boat and the reliability of the Johnson motor and the value of the deal. The type of fishing will be mostly bottom fishing for blacks and sea bass as well as weakfishing and striper chunking. I greatly appreciate your comments.

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The Sea Devil is an awsome looking boat. Hudge ****pit, 6'4" headroom in cabin, deep vee and lots of storage. The downside is that I read that it has a balsa wood core hull that is subject to rot. I posted a similar inquiry as yours on and the replies indicated serious concerns concerning the balsa wood hull. Apparently it could become saturated and created huge problems, such as flexing and can be punctured if you hit an obstruction. As far as the engine goes, I always thought that when you buy used you must assume repower.

Good luck

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