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Croton Falls

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Finally made it up to the reservoir. It was my first outing since September.

Beautiful morning. No wind and also no fish. Tried everything live sawbellies, spoons, plugs, spinners. Even tried drifting with live crawlers. NADA!

There were about 5 other boats out there. One of the boats landed a small brown.

Water level is down but I have seen it worse. And despite the lack of action. It was great just to be out there again.
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I hear ya Surfcaster

I caught a 22 in brown sat at Cross River on a flutter spoon, but as you say its great to be out there even if the fish aint bitin. There is alot to it then just catchin fish for sure. Therapy for us all. Tight Lines next time !!
The water is up some in Croton Falls--not sure from where though.... DEP has been playing around with the flow out of West Branch Outlet. The flow has been completely shut down at least a couple of times. We have been "assured" that this would not happen again yet the flows continue to be way down. Even if you don't fish this stream, remember it is the source for the wild browns in Croton Falls. It is the best "nursery" stream in the lower watershed for sure.

We would appreciate any calls to DEP expressing concern about the low flows and especially the cut-offs. The calls really do help!
I've been doing real well up there the last week, caught an 81/2 lb brown on Tuesday of last week and have hit fish the last three times I've been out. I use two rods with sawbellies, one with no weight and one with a #5 split shot. I've been going down about 20 ft with the #5 and I let the "long-line" go wherever it will. I think the key is to use light 4-6lb florocarbon leader, if you want browns. Got one about 5lbs last night right on top. I don't think the lower water has affected the fishing at all this season, but I don't fish for bass and I haven't hooked any. I usually do. Take care.
Hey surfcaster have you been to croton falls lately. I have been catching alot of small browns the biggest 3 pounds.
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