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Cross River or Tititus

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If I cant get a boat on New Croton this year I will put it either on Tititus or Cross River but I am unsure which one is the best fishing venue . Any advice/ comments would be much appreciated.
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My selection would be Tititus.

I would choose Tititus, because there is some great crappie fishing early in the spring, there are plenty of very big largemouth bass. And there is some really good trout fishing for browns and (big) rainbows by the dam. There is also a good population of very large white perch.
I have still been getting a lot of big rainbows out of titicus. As well as a lot of nice browns.You see i live only 10 min, from there so i know the water very well. In the spring the stream is still very well supplied with large rainbow trout, as well as some nice browns.Some of the rainbows are in the 4-7 lb class.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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