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Cross River or Tititus

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If I cant get a boat on New Croton this year I will put it either on Tititus or Cross River but I am unsure which one is the best fishing venue . Any advice/ comments would be much appreciated.
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It's Titicus...

And DJ,

Have you had any recent luck on the trout up there? I know the panfish bounce back well from changes, but when the DEP was working on the dam a few years ago, they dropped the water really low and the trout seemed to disappear. Rainbows are practically non-existent in any of the croton watershed any more since the alewives and browns took over. Do you still get big bows up there?

My vote would be Cross River hands down over Titicus. There's nothing like the fight of 6# smallies and the trout are plentiful. All the usual panfish are available as well.

Thanks for the info...I guess I stand corrected! I'll have to get up that way and give it a shot. I'm only about 20 min. away, so I really have no excuse not to. I used to fish there everyday after work when I was working at the West. exceptional school up on 22. I got trout at the inlet in the spring but nothing beyond 14". I did well on the panfish too, but I haven't fished there in awhile. Thanks again.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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