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Except for a four day stretch a week or so ago the marlin have been steady every day. Even Mike Pizza, who has the worst luck of anyone I ever met as far as marlin are concerned caught two on his last trip here.
Allen Ryals, who spends his non-fishing hours installing space aged lavish entertainment systems in the homes of the rich and famous added yet another marlin to his fish belt.
Honeymooners were also rewarded with marlin. Brian Tooms spent his honeymoon here with wife Patricia. It was also the first time he fly fished in saltwater. His 200 lb blue marlin will be a hard act to follow the next time he casts a fly in the ocean. Not to be outdone, Johnathan and Liz Fine took 3 blue in one day. I think we might see them on their anniversary.
Peg and Jim Grooket know how to solve a problem. Peg likes to fish the bluewater and Jim likes to fish inshore. They fish in seperate boats.
Peg bagged two marlin and Jim too a dozen or so roosterfish with two going over 50 lbs.
Babe Winkelman filmed another show here recently and Babe?s wife Kris whipped up some great dishes with the help of our kitchen staff. Both the fishing and the cooking will air sometime this coming year.
The sails still haven?t made their arrival in force yet but the numbers will be improving soon. Lots of 25 to 40 lb dorado are still around, and the inshore fishing that had been show as of late has really picked up. Don Kuhn?s family of 24 is passing another Christmas season with us and aside from the normal offshore staff, bagged some nice African pompano inshore.
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