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cracked ferrule

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Dropped a tackle box on the butt ferrule of a light spinning rod and cracked it good. Was wondering if I could just give it a good coat of epoxy in and out, thus making it a one piece, and rewrap the ferrule itself? Or am I SOL with this rod?
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Is this the female or male part of the ferrule?

Is it just cracked or smashed.

If it is the female part you can try wrapping the total area of the crack wit thread and then applying a couple coats of epoxy.

If is the male part clean the inside of the part and fill with epoxy.

Good Luck on this one.
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I would epoxy the 2 parts together as a last resort.

If it looks repairable I would do this.

Put a coat of epoxy on the ferrule to seal the cracks. Let dry 2 days.

Slide both parts together but not tight. We want a loose fit as we wrap the ferrule or we might not get the pieces apart. Wrapping a female ferrule can compress it.

Wrap the ferrule using "A" thread. Apply a thin coat of epoxy and let dry 2 days.

Wrap the area again and apply 2 coats of epoxy. let dry 7 days so it totally cures internally.

Install the parts and see what happens.

Let us know how you make out.
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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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