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Unfortunately I never fished Costa Rica during that month ? But the month of February is generally a good time to fish the tropical waters! During the Feb. months, I?ve fished many Central American countries including Mexico and South America? Regardless of the quarry you seek? the # 1 item you should use is Fluorocarbon leader in the range of 10lbs. ? 50bs. test! The tropic waters are generally gin clear and most of the fish are incredibly line shy! If you are planning to fish the shorelines? The ?small? swimming lures (plugs & plasitcs) in the silver/blue, Olive/white and plain white seems to do the trick. Also, make sure you have a few tins in your arsenal? tins such as kastmasters, hopkins, Hooligans, Charlie Graves and Krocks are good!

As far as tackle is concerned? It is a good idea to bring a flyrod in the 6-10wt (shorelines), medium spinning and baitcasting outfits that holds enough 10-20lbs. test line? and probably a stout 7?-9? conventional outfit with a reel that can hold approx. 300 yards of 30-40lbs. test!

Other items you should have are wire leaders, suntan lotion, extra hooks, sunglasses,camera and a hat!

If you are seeking trophy fish - The best hours to fish is night ? first light! This is the time where you can catch various shoreline predators such as snook, cubera, roosters and other big quarries. ;)

Hope this helps!

"Crazy" Alberto
[email protected]
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