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Cleaning a stripper is one thing, but cleaning a striper is totally different.
For yrs I have been upset with the waste of good fish when the striper is just filleted (spelling?).
I literally deconstruct the fish and try to use as much of it as possible. I remove the totally cleaned head for use in fish chowder (lots of meat in this big head). Then I remove the pectoral area, the breast or "collar", and grill this terriyaki style. The tail with a few inches of body are coated with olive oil and grilled with salt; quite tasty and crunchy. The main part of the fish is then steaked or cooked whole on the grill, or in the oven with a sauce or just served as is with a sauce (whatever type you like, livornese, mayo, salad dressing etc).
I also usually take some fillet for sushi or tar- tar with scallions, salt and pepper and lemon juice. I also treat large bluefish this way.
Ron, fisherman for more than 50 yrs
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