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Cork Grip repair

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I am building a rod and the cork grips I have are not super premium grade. They have been reamed and fit nicely, however there are some crevices and imperfections. I am using them regardless. Does anyone out there have any techniques or suggestions for filling the crevices and imperfections. Any input would be much appreciated.
Thanks, biglou55
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This is an answer to your question from another board but is a very affective way of fixing your problem. With many other methods the filler will fall out after awhile.

I use a mixture of Rod Bond, cork dust and a very small amount of fine ground dry Titanium Oxide paint pigment. Mix Rod Bond and cork dust to a dry putty. Then mix in the pigment to match the color of the cork. Then press this mixture into the voids using a spatula. Do not smear it around but press it in and remove excess with a cleaned spatula. Firmly wrap with saran wrap or generic plastic wrap (used in Kitchen). Then firmly spiral warp with masking tape. Let cure for 8 to 10 hours (overnight). Then remove the wrapping and sand lightly.
This filler will last as long as the cork grip and is a permanet fix. Looks and feels great. You can apply cork seal after filling and sanding and get more life out of the cork grip.
All the other fillers that I have known will eventually chip out -as they do shrink and become brittle. Rod Bond remains flexible and does not shrink.
It take a little longer than the quick fixes but lasts and looks great.
Happy and Blessed New Year

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Joe Kassuba
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