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The 7000 Ambassadeur series is a very good caster.

Is it a levelwind model? If it is than it will get approximately 15% less distance than a non-levelwind model.


1)Properly clean and re-oil your reel.
2)Remove a few fiber brake blocks
3)Properly adjust spool tension.

1) Cleaning. Rinse reel with warm water. Remove the two ball bearings (one in each endcap), flush them with WD-40 repeatedly and allow them to dry (a blow dryer helps...use a wooden skewer or a piece of trolling wire to hold onto the bearings while you dry them on heat).

After cleaning and drying the bearings, apply a drop of furnished reel oil or use 20 weight 3:1 oil from the hardware store.

Wipe the ends of the spool spindles off with a clean, dust-free rag. Apply a drop of oil to each spindle.

2) Your reel has four brake blocks on the right sideplate. Use two instead of four and see if that helps.

3) Adjust spool tension. Screw the bearing end-cap on the right side of the reel (underneath the star drag) all the way. Loosen the LEFT side so that there is play. Push down the spool button so that you are in free spool, then gradually start tightening the LEFT endcap until the spool just starts to turn...that is your "zero" that you can play with to adjust +/-.

Hope this helps.

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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