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Does the 7000 havew bushings or bearings?

I had an older model with bushings and it didn't cast well. Got the bearings, took out the blocks, and I couldn't control it for a week LOL. Seriously though, it is tamed now and really a serious caster. I oil the levelwind and the levelwind gears inside the plate, as well as both sides of the bearings with militec one, and two drops on the outside before I screw them in. Unless in high wind I have the lef one so that in frespool the spool has the slightest of side-side play, I get more distance that way. Keep the levelwind clear, and your bearings oiled, and remove brake blocks on that spindle thingy. Then you will see a HUGE improvement. The brake blocks alone make for a big improvement. Good luck.

J. Carnes
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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