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Consider a boat with Force outboard?

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You know how sometimes really nice boats are rigged with these Force motors sometimes @ attractive prices??
I found a "98 17 proline bought as a leftover with no bottom paint, was told no more then 100 hrs.opn the 90hp Force. asking price is $ 9500 { neg.}
I love that boat, maybe one of the most seaworthy 17's ever made but the Force is not my first choice in engines to say the least.
Any good reports on this engine out there?
Wonder if..
a- could trade it in towards a Yammie or b- could sell it. would anyone even buy one of these motors??
Thanks for any replys, Alan
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Force Outboards are the old Crysler Marine. Very basic no frills design. Points & Plugs. A back yard mechanics dream. You will like them.
The make losey horse power for the cubics and use more fuel and are smoky & dirty.

Would I own one? **** yes! I have one now, had two until last week.

Currently they are owned by Merc and are the Value Jet of Boat motors. Good thing boats dont sink when the spark plugs foul.

All in all a good buy for the buck.

You could find these engins named Gamefisher, or Montgomery Ward or simply a WARD or they may say Force on them. Its just decals dudes

Capt. Walt
Pre 95' junk, post 96,excellent basic mercury product
sounds like it was repowered. I don't think proline would put it on their boat.

Just keep in mind how available parts are and if there is a mechanic near you that will work on it.

If it is a merc in a plane wrapper as ethandow says, grab it.

Capt. Marc
I've seen a few prolines with Forces, 2 @ my yard. Thanks for the info. Motors a '98 also, pretty sure Factory rigged. Also pretty sure they'd give you a choice of force or merc offering a savings to those who choose Force.
I owned an old one(88) and never really had any major problems, It was the only boat I could afford so I didnt care what was on it, but I always heard from many people including mechanics, the old ones were junk. Havent heard anything negative about the newer ones.
Force motors were, and always will be "CRAP". For now and for resale stay away from them.

The Sea-Cilian
I was waiting for someone to say that! Well dont matter because yesterday I bought a whaler with a new yamaha. Im psyched as it'll be my first yammie & Whaler too come to think of it.
Congratulations Alan! and good luck with the new rig!........So let's hear more about it>

Southwest winds always.....Seaox
Its something that I fell in love with . Im going to get back into a bigger boat within couple years but after seeing this little Whaler I knew I wanted to buy it.
Its a 1988 15' Boston Whaler sport, Bimini, restored wood in MINT cond. Engine's a 2001 Yamaha 70 injected, 35 hrs.
Its something really nice to get me out there, blast around the bays will do an honest 45 mph & hopefully be able to poke around the inlet when its calm enough.
Also I got a pretty good deal so with a Sweet Whaler like this with Yamaha power sould be easy to sell & hold some of its value well.
Ill post some pictures after I take some.
The only thing is I can feel the backache now! Alan
Very things for sure that engine will be rock solid for years to come.
So when I'm fishing over by the big M or Loop and I see a blur go by I'll know it's you.

Southwest winds always.....Seaox
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