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Connetquot River

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Looking for some advice. I'm heading to the Connetquot River next week for the first time. I wanted feedback on flies I should tie up as well as what rod I should use(3wt. or 5wt.). I would love to use the 3wt., but from what I've heard, I may be better off with the 5wt. Any advice would be much appreciated.
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You are gonna love this place. I would bring both rods. I would start with the 5, then play around with the 3. Most fish are in the 12-15 iinch range. Flies -Black Wooley buggers with bead heads work well. Various dark nymphs, bead heads. Had some success with light colored streamers as well. You may like dry fly fishing, then bring some SMALL light colored flies, Blue Winged Olive to name one. The place is like Disney Land, the fish are used to eating hatchery chow, so you can catch them on just about anything, most of the time. Good luck and have fun!
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