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Whats happening in the river ? Would love to hear some reports !

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I fished there this weekend.

First time to the "Connie" for me, did the sleep in the car thing to get a "good" spot. It was COLD!!

Even with the nasty cold front that just passed, the trout where still cooperating. After a little experimentation I narrowed it down to a little grey and black wooly bugger. This caught most of my fish, although other nymphs and buggers worked.

From what other anglers where telling me, the rainbows where the only one in the mood to tangle. I saw some browns flash on me but wasn't able to hook em. I caught lots of rainbows up to 16" though.

All in all I had fun, just wish that it didn't have to end at noon.

I can't be any colder then it was last weekend!!

If your wanting to fish there, it is all booked up for the next two weeks. Ya gotta call early and get in line, hence my going north looking for trout this weekend. I don't like lines, even if it means the fish won't be jumping on my line.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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