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Connection plugs on electronics What to use??

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Boat has its 2nd Garmin fish finder due to corrosion on the female plug that goes into it.This has to be disconnected each launch due to the world we live in (theft).Does any one out there use a dielectric grease or any other prevenitive for this?Putting a cap on the pulg will only trap any moisture & salt that might be on it. TIAV for any suggestions.

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As Mahi said, grease is fine in small amounts and needs to be cleaned off occasionally. Grease attracts dirt and water so it won't cling to the metal. A small dab on your finger would be enough.

I was introduced to Boeshield T-9 this summer by a teacher who does electronics installations and sanitary systems. Boeshield was developed by Boeing for use on their airplanes. It sprays on like a clear liquid and is supposed to dry to a waxy film. It won't rub off easily and doesn't attract dirt. I used it on my battery switch, battery terminals and the lug ends on the wires. I also sprayed the contacts on my switches behind the panel. The can says it will be active for up to two months so I'll have to see if that is true. Supposedly it can loosen rusted screws, protect from corrosion, it's a good lubricant, you know the rest. It's probably the same as Fluid Film.
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