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Comparing Rods for Grouper, AJs and other fishing in NC

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Planning on fishing in NC this weekend and was wondering what is a good rod to go with my Saltist 50 (w/ 80lb braided). I was looking into the Gloomis Pelagic rod PSR102-40CSU 8'6" Rated as a 20-40lb test rod costing $300 (which I think is rated wrong) Vs. the Trevala Rod TVC-66H, rated at 80-200lb 6'6" costing $150. I really like the design of the Trevala and the handling of the rod, also the power of the rod is more towards the middle of the rod as compared with the Pelagic rod which is geared towards the tip of the rod. But because of this softer tip do you think groupers and other strong fish will pull deep in the rocks or would it not matter. I have 1 friend that said it wouldnt really matter and he tried both rods out and thought the Trevala to be an excellent rod and the one I should go for, but I am still looking for more expert advice.
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if you are buying a Trevala I would strongly suggest the 58XXH as you will be running into some big fish down there and if you need to drop a jig into the deep deep blue for grouper it will need some backbone on a 400-500g jig
there a a bunch of people down in NC that use the XXH on big amberjack not that I would advise it but its done. The new f series isnt as bad as the old
SharpTooTh wrote:
Thanks for all the advice guys, Im hoping someone who has experienced these specific rod would recommend one or the other. I really am leaning on the trevala rod though because of its versatility.

The TVC - 66-H travala is not a good rod for what you are planning on doing, I stated in my above post that if you are planning on that series the 58XXH is more suitable. I've used them

For grouper you need stopping power, that rod does not have it.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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