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just want to make sure I'm not overlooking anything as i get the boat ready for the season.....any and all input is appreciated.

The boat: 20'center console .....175 yamaha outboard....w/trailer.

what I plan to do:

Change impeller in lower unit and change lube in lower unit.

Change gas water separator filter.

change plugs after running her a couple of times.

Grease everything I can think of.

Am I missing anything??

thanks for your response.

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you left out a lot of stuff

Paint the bottom (as needed)if leaving in the water.
If not check all trailer bearings, tires lights etc.
Check all thru hull fittings, valves and hoses. Make sure all are free and working well.
Check the battery/charge as needed.
Bilge pumps clear and working?
Steering system and shift cables operating and lubed.
If engine is older you may want to check the thermostats, and water pumps (rather than just impeller).
If you have fuel sitting in the tank all winter you may want to treat it with a conditioner.
Check all electrical systems, lights, pumps, horn, guages, spotlights, VHF and antenna, and any navigation/gps or depth finders. (Do not turn on depth finder when boat is not in the water you can fry the transducer).
Check all the safety equipment, life jackets, fire extinguisher, flares, first aid kit etc.
That's about all I can think of off the top of my head.

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Just a clarification. You should always change the lower unit oil in the fall. If there has been any water intrusion through the seals during the summer, it will corrode the gears -or worse - freeze and crack the lower unit during the winter.

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A can of engine tune up!

Before changing the plugs you may want to use a can of that engine tune up stuff.

It cleans out the carbs and breaks up the carbon on the rings.

And install a mast with a sail due to the gas prices


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I always check each and every electrical connection,to make sure I have full contact and no corrosion.Not only on the engine but for all the accessories ,fuse blocks,etc.Tighten and grease as needed.Make sure you have plenty of extra fuses on board.And my mechanic says to spray everything inside the engine cowl with WD-40.
Also make sure your flares are not out of date.I remember,one season,I lost rpm's because I did nit check the engine grounds.
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