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lets do something about it then

As a result of reading these posts, I am going to sit down and write a simple letter. I am going to send it to as many politicians and organizations as I can think of. Its not much, but its a start, and if every recreational fisherman does the same, relentlessly, maybe something will start. Talking amongst ourselves may make us feel better, nothing wrong with that, but we have to go past that. I urge everyone who took the time to post here to do the same, and I am sure alot already are.
I also agree with John that its not the end of the world if the recreational angler do the right thing, even though we didnt create the problem. I dont keep any fish under twelve inches, and I would never actually keep anywhere near limit even if it was possible to catch that many these days.
The only reason we enjoy striped bass fishing today is from past regulation. Maybe some younger fishermen dont remember a time when the bass vanished, and the laws that followed. Lets not let the flounder situation get to that same point.
1 - 1 of 85 Posts
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