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Good point George.

But why can't we be responsible for part of the solution. Because the truth is if this continues it's not worth me opening the shop in march. I would rather bite the bullet now and hope for better management in the future.

If we start cryin about the commercial guys, and arent willing to take steps ourselves then we are part of the problem. As you stated in your post that at a point we took more flounder than the commercial fleet. So the point is that the fishery is in trouble. Because if these fish arent making it to the bays where they spawn, then this is going to be a bigger problem.

So the next time someone catches a good flounder, before you throw it in the bucket ask your self. Do you really need that fish. If we all chip in then the commercial guys don't have a leg to stand on. They will not be able to point a finger at us and say what about them.

Like I said in my other post, I am willing to not open the shop till later. I would love nothing more than to see it bounce back.

Just a thought,
1 - 2 of 85 Posts
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