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I agree also about the draggers.
We regular fisherman have a bag limit
and these guys are snatching everything in sight!
Size doesnt matter & No limit.
They just move in and decimate the area!
Maybe oneway of bringing back the flounder,stripe bass, black fish etc..
Is too start some kind of fish farm
to introduce these fish back to the water.
There doing it with oysters why not fish too?

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The times I have been on a party boat
never seen anyone keeping any shorts.
The staff and crew's on these boats
conducted themselves like professionals!
They measured every fish that looked like a keeper and obviuosly threw back
all shorts.
If I ever witnessed and I hope you would too notify the proper authority
of ilegal activity on that party boat.

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Oysters,Lobsters,Black fish,Flounder
are all on the decline!
Some all ready more than others.
Whats next?
There are only a handfull of bayfisherman left. They can barely
make a living anymore.
Party boats next in line?
Whats the cost these days? Like $45 for 1/2 a day.
Now you want to take a kid fishing your
looking at almost $100
This will probably be another industry
also pushed to the limits like the
People will stay away due to the lack of
Its a shame whats happening.
1 - 3 of 85 Posts
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