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color sealer

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Hi guys
I need a little help here.
I'm wrapping a spinning rod with metalic ice blue size A.
The question is do i have to use or should i use a color preservior/thread sealer on this thread. what you recomend
and should i put a light finish on the under wrap b4 wrapping on the guides.
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Sounds like you are using Gudebrod HT Metallic thread. That is basically all I use. I DO NOT use color sealer on it! You might get a bump but who cares at this point. I brush a normal coat of finish on the wraps, flame it quickly and due to the heat the finish thins up a bit and gets down into the thread. Then I wipe the brush off and remove the excess finish. Keep wiping the brush dry as you go along removing the excess finish. This will give a good base for installing the next layer of thread.
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