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Cod Teasers

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OK, I give up!!! Been trying to find cod teasers ( as in 2 hooks & thing to hold the sinker on the bottom ) with plastic colored teasers....Have to describe , I think , where as no other site have heard of them. Been getting them at walmart but no luck so far this year. Thank You roger
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They are called cod rigs, many companies make them. Most people use them for bait fishing with clams. Steve
Check out the flies from Jaiem at

Tie on a couple of ell type patterns in Blue or Green and you wont need bait
I am sure that any good tackle shop should have cod rigs......but, or should I say instead , tie your own. We tie approx 100 every winter and put them away for the following year. They are very easy to do. Reply with a fax number and I will send you list of materials and a diagram or email me at [email protected]
8/0 hook with colored surgical tubing cut about 4-5 inches long. Cut 1 end so it is frayed (hook point end. Can buy it at most good tackle shops. Start with red you can't go wrong.

FV Moody Blues & Rigging/fk_droploop.htm

Go to this site to learn the dropper loop. This is the way I attach my teasers. What I do is thread the teaser on my line and create the dropper loop with the teaser. Then I will pull all the slack out of the loop to draw the teaser in tight to the main line. Works great.

FV Moody Blues
Seoul Fishing Tackle In Woodside Queens
53-19 Rosevelt Ave. Phone 718-565-2376 He carry's
A lot of Standoff riggs with B-2 squidds that glow
in the dark as well as one's that don't I use A lot of his rigs when I fish in Mass on the Helen H
most of his rigs come with gamagatsu or owner hooks and he has a wide variety of other rigs for
this type of fishing Codfishing is this tackle
store's specialty if want more info on it
E .mail me at [email protected] I'm not affiliated
with store I'm just a shop there and think when it comes to this type of tackle it's just the place
seoul has a lot of good tackle and the owner is a cod freak.

Outlaw, Got the fax. Complete & easy to follow.
Thank You,
I could not think of the name of the fly but if you look at Arts and Flies web site it looks just like a "Jiggy Fly" just without the eyes; but I like the eyes even better.

I tie them with Pe**** hurl and wrap a couple of turns of gold wire in them. sometime blue and sometime green bodies and even sometime white but never, never yellow and its bad mojo.

Are they rattle dumbells??????

Capt Walt
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