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cod fishing

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Is there any benefit to using fluorocarbon leader when bait fishing for cod or is this an uneccesary expense?
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Flourocarbon has it's place..............

The only time I saw flourocarbon make
a difference was on a tuna trip 2 years
ago. we were flat lining for blue fin.
we stopped at the dumping grounds on
our way to the edge the Capt got a call that bfs were in this area. I was using 100lb flouro the sun was shining
bright the water was clear and I was hooking up, changed over to reg mono
no more fish, back to flouro, hooked up
Immediately.during the day ,clear water
flouro is the only way to go, but at night I fish reg mono and have no problems hooking up with tuna.


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1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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