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Here we go. This is exactly what I feared. Many other Capt.s felt we had to give something up to show we are willing to work in solving the problem. I say we've suffered enough. Now when we're asked to give yet again someone gets involved and says " hey lets raise the Haddock limit while we're at it". When will we as recreational anglers say enough is enough? What other fishery shall we give up our rights to, protecting the commercial interests? Its starting to smell a lot like politcs. We all know politics follow the money. I'm quite sure any new regulations put on our sector will have minute effect on the biomass of the fishery, since we are already a minute effect. Why people can't see this and determine that we are not the problem and nor are we the solution to the problem I'll never know.Until the heads that make these descisions take their heads out of the bilge we will never get anywhere.They will keep restricting us until we give it up entirely and then the comm.s will have the resource to themselves just as they'd like it to be.
Where are we headed and where does it end? Who is to decide just how many fish we need per person? If these are the points then why aren't they applied across the board? How many people can a dragger feed? How many should he have a right to feed? 50-100? lets see 100 people times ten fish then when he catches 10000 fish he's done. Oh no that would be equal and fair treatment to all partys partaking in the fishery. That wouldn't do. Lets give the lions share to the commercial fisherman, who has depleted the stocks already, and will just wait until the go ahead to drag it down again once all partys have suffered. How much do you spend per trip to catch x amount of fish? How much does the commercial fisherman spend? I'll bet you come out on the short side of that equation. When will they see the light?

Capt. Spike
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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