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Seeing as I'm kinda new to flyfishing I've been doing some reading and it seems to me clousers are the go to fly? I have a few that I fish but mostly fish deceivers and epoxys and some ultra hair stuff. I'm fishing mostly a 10wt WFI in water that might go to 12ft within casting distance. I've never noticed a difference in catching with the clousers but found they hurt allot more on the back of your head unless the winds right or your casting sidearm. I'm thinking there's more to this clouser thing that I don't realize? On another note, being the clouser is weighted could you get the same effect with a sink tip with a deceiver? Is it the depth or the action alone that makes the difference? Is a clouser a fly that gets used mostly on a WFF when you need to get down more than a WFI with a deceiver? I've got lots of questions. I have some books but they don't define when to stuff. Questions I ask of people get me more confused than I was cause everyone's got their own thing going from fishing running lines with lead core tips to fishing cutup pieces of Finess Fish. Help! Prospector
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I have been flyfishing in the salt now for about 8 years and tying all of my own flies. If I was only allowed to cary a couple of flies, they would be a clouser and a deceiver. I have however, over the past couple of years been tying more jiggy flies than clousers - I think that the action is more jig-like(hense the name)and I find that when fishing around exposed rocks at low tide, the dumbell eyes on the clousers occasionally snap off when they clip the rocks. 90% of the time I fish an intermediate line when wade fihing. I will realy only fish a full sinking line when fishing from a boat. As far as getting hit in the back with a clouser or other weighted fly, we've all done it. That's where the saying "chuck and duck" came from.
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