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Circle Hook Eqiuvalent

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Have always used the 6/0 O'Shaunessey Hook. Recently picked up Gamakatsu Octopus Circle Size 8/0. These hooks look "close" in size. Can someone 8/0 Circle Hook comparable... too big? Again fishing local beaches and possibly a boat. Have even used the 6/0's on boats in the past.

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I have used only circle hooks for three years now I love the mustat ultra point. For Bass I use 8/0 when using eels or bunker and 4/0 for flukeing with strip baits. I peronaly have never had a gut hooked fish with these hooks the closest thing to that was in the gills. I know what you mean about the space between the point and the shank but it should be fine. Also keep in mind that differant hooks will have differant sizing mustat 8/0 is differant than Gamakatsu 8/0 and so on I realy don't like the Gama. because it in my opinion is not a true circle hook I think the opening is to large whitch will end up in gut hooks.
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