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Circle Hook Eqiuvalent

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Have always used the 6/0 O'Shaunessey Hook. Recently picked up Gamakatsu Octopus Circle Size 8/0. These hooks look "close" in size. Can someone 8/0 Circle Hook comparable... too big? Again fishing local beaches and possibly a boat. Have even used the 6/0's on boats in the past.

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The Gama #8 is a great hook for chunking blues and bass.Never had a gut hooked fish.Circles of course have to be fished different than straight hooks. Just set the rod in the holders and let the fish hook themselves in the corner of the mouth.If you try to set the hook , you 'll just pull it out , and no fish for you. I don't know if Gama makes a circle larger than an 8/0

You can use a clinch or polomar-but I have a little different way that really does the trick--Tie your hook on with a surgeons loop so that the hook swings on the loop.You can also use two hooks to attach to larger baits.Works like a dream.Fish can't get any leverage on it
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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