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I have redone all my rigs for trolling tuna. Up to this time I haven't done much chunking for tuna. I will be attempting to make my own rigs for this. I know that the poundage used is related to the type of bites your getting, but what is the general rule of thumb as to how long the leader should be? And is there any perfered hooks to use? With the size boat I have I will be fishing a max of 30 miles out.

Will also be attempting shark fishing for the first time this year, not using a charter. Have received alot of helpful hints, more would be welcome.

Thanks Again

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I assume you filled those 113s with mono? 30 Lb is pretty light for tuna, IMHO. I like the gamakatsu live bait hooks fpr chunking. We just snell the hooks right to the line or use a palomar to tie the hook on. You might want to use a tuna bomb with that light a line. If you do use leaders I'd go with about 4 ft, mainly so you can handle the fish when it gets near the boat.
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